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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  September 20, 2011 9:00am-9:38am EDT

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>> he might talk to some of the women. >> what did you learn, mika. >> get him some eggs, because he's worried about that, because that was such subliminal discrimination. i'm serious. >> it's 9:00. you know what, i'm still in the bullpen. next week, lindsay buckingham. we go over what time is it? >> it is "morning joe" as it always is. stick around for "the daily rundown" with chuck todd here in new york this morning. >> well, the president lays out his $3 trillion deficit package, but republicans didn't buy it. will president obama find navigating the tricky palestinian statehood issue here at the u.n. easier than trying to work out a deal with congressional republicans on his economic plan. we'll talk to jack lew live in studio. the white house is in damage control mode pushing back hard against author ron sus kind's
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new book which paints an unflattering portrait, were top officials misquoted? guess who else is in the new york, none other than the republican front runner, rick perry who plans to dip his toe in the israeli political waters today. it's tuesday, september 20, 2011. this is "the daily rundown," i'm chuck todd. good morning. let's get to my first reads. in case you had any doubt that the president's speech marked the end of the governing season, white house communication director dan fire confirms it, we were in a position of legislative compromise by necessity. that phase is behind us. the president released his deficit plan and it was greeted with a thud by republicans. middle east peace may look more attainable to the president than selling republicans on his plans for the economy. the president laid out a $3.2 trillion deficit reduction
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package which includes $1.5 trillion in new tax hikes on wealthier americans. >> i will not support any plan that puts all the burden for closing our deficit on ordinary americans. this is not class warfare. it's math. >> while congressional republicans gave an air of let's wait and see on the president's jobs bill, yesterday they did no such thing. they pounced. speaker boehner made it clear he wasn't sold. >> i don't believe that class warfare is leadership. you know, we can get into this tax the rich, tax the rich, but that is not the basis for america. it's not going to get our economy going again. >> at ea time when it's spendin out of control, giving the federal government more money would be like giving a cocaine addict more cocaine. >> mitch mcconnell was equally
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blunt. he issued a terse two sentence statement saying the president's plan is not a recipe for economic or job growth. the good news is that the joint committee is taking this issue far more seriously than the white house. everybody can start pointing fingers as who started the campaign first, but the bottom line is this, we are in campaign mode. we are no longer in governing mode. the white house made that clear. mitch mcconnell made that clear with his statement. this is all about defining the battle lines. joining the campaign which is going to be about who's responsible for this gridlock in washington. republicans are hoping the public blames the president and the white house believes they can run against a do nothing congress, but the bottom line is with 14 months to go, as dan fire said it, the phase that we saw in the summer is over. the campaign is on. for the second time in as many months, rick perry is
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planting himself within a five mile radius of the president. he will criticize the president's israeli policy at a 10:00 press conference. then he holds a noon lunch fundraiser at the harvard club. yesterday what was supposed to be a quiet fundraiser in washington heights turned into a political circus, complete with gate crashing by charlie rangel. we'll have more on that later. in a new gallup poll, perry leads 31 to 24% over romney. when asked their preference as the field narrows to two front runners, republicans pick rick perry over romney by 10 points, 49-39. that is a fairly close margin there when you look at it. when we've seen these quote, two way races in previous years. perry is the favorite, but he is a front runner that can get caught. it will be interesting to see how this plays out. you're seeing that bachmann has
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faded. ron paul will certainly be a factor here. if you're mitt romney you want ron paul and michele bachmann to stick around as long as possible. when they get out, you see how close perry gets to 50. the journalist ron suskind is responding to criticism of his book "confidence men." it uses a lot of quotes from his former team of economic advisers. he quotes peter orszac. he quotes another former obama adviser, christina romer who had her issues with larry summers and says summers was deliberately blocking her from meetings with the president at the time roamer told suskind, i felt like a piece of meat.
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there was the allegation that anita dunn is quoted as saying this place would be in court for a hostile workplace because it actually fit all the classic legal requirements for a genuinely hostile workplace for the president. there's an important clause missing, if it wasn't for the president. they're saying their words were taken out of context. treasury secretary tim geithner it to play defense because he wasn't painted positively in the book. here's what he said. >> the reports i've read about this book bear no resemblance to the reality we lived together. no resemblance. >> the white house has been pushing back hard. they even suggested yesterday that suskind simply borrowed from the internet for portions of his book. here's what jay carney said. >> one passage seems to be lifted almost entirely from
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wikipedia in the book. i think based on that, i would caution anyone to assume that if you can't get those things right that you suddenly get the broader analysis right. that analysis is wrong. >> now, the wikipedia charge comes from a description of fannie mae, not in flowery language and suskind was asked to respond to those charges this morning on the "today" show. >> you've got to use a combination of a certain number of words. they're not the same in the two sentences. the white house should be doing something better on wicky searches on a 500 page book. the white house should respond to whether the president is getting gamed by his advisers or not. >> ann curry asked him to defend his quote from anita dunn which he says was taken out of context. here's what he said. >> i let "the washington post" listen to the tape. there it is clear as a bell. >> let me get to that what's on tape. i understand what's on tape is
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the fact that she said "if it weren't for the president, this place would be in court for a hostile workplace." that's not the same as saying it's a hostile work environment. did you take liberties with that quote? >> absolutely not. >> let's get to the bigger issue here, why is the white house pushing back? one big reason is because the criticisms expressed in this book get at the heart of the president's political problem right now, that is the leadership deficit that is showing up in polls, where even his -- some of his supporters, people who like him feel as if he's not showing enough leadership. you talk to supporters and campaign strategists for the president and they will tell you this is the biggest issue he has to overcome, this perception that he's not a strong leader, and so when you look at the book through that prism, you see why the white house is working so hard to push back. there's a lot of gridlock all over the east side of new york city, which means one thing, the u.n. general assembly is in town. president obama arrived in new
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york last night. has a full slate of meetings and events before delivering an address tomorrow. ron allen is at the united nations for us. ron, you got through the traffic. you got through the check points. what can you tell us about what's on the agenda today? >> well, it's a little odd talking to you about what the president is going to do. i'll give it my best shot. you were talking about campaign mode. this place provides the president with an opportunity to show campaign mode, if you will, on the foreign policy side. that's all about israel. the issue that hangs over the meeting of the general assembly this time is the palestinian drive for statehood. it gives the president an opportunity to show he's a strong supporter of israel and that's what we expect him to do. as you know, there's a lot of doubts and skepticism in the jewish community in the united states about the president's commitment to israel. this gives him a chance to show his -- what he thinks of israel and show his support for that country. on the calendar today though, before that, he has a meeting
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first with the new leaders of libya. later he has a meeting with the president of afghanistan. later a meeting with the president or prime minister of turkey, but the palestinian issue is the big thing. no one expects this to be resolved one way or another. the whole process of applying to the security council for statehood can be dragged out for weeks or months. even though the united states may be forced to veto that resolution or veto that effort this week, the lines are clearly drawn. again, the bottom line for president bottobama is that it' opportunity to show his support for israel. >> they hope this week would be a victory lap by libya. not so much. up next, we're serving trail mix. we're going to dig deeper in perry's plan to slam obama. mitt romney focuses on florida, while michelle balmman's former campaign manager says she can't make it
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past the iowa caucuses. the latest from the 2012 trail is next. the showdown over statehood, the u.s. works to head off the palestinian plan to formally request u.n. membership. first, a look ahead at the president's schedule, as you can see it's filled with lots of bilateral meetings. today is supposed to be the big day they were going to push on libya, but again, israel and palestinian politics getting in the way of their best laid plans. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. coffee doesn't have vitamins... unless you want it to. new splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweetener with b vitamins, the first and only one to help support a healthy metabolism. three smart new ways to sweeten. same great taste. new splenda® essentials™. whose non-stop day starts with back pain... and a choice. take advil now and maybe up to four in a day.
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her day with a tour of a packing company in iowa. she's trying to gain ground on her jobs message. alex moez in iowa. she joins me from the phone. the iowa or bust campaign seems to be pretty clear. alex, you know, walk me through the schedule of events today. >> that's right. she does have one event this morning. we are at the packing company. it's a family business that's been around since the late 1800s. we expect her to push again the differences between her and president obama wanting lower taxes and separating herself from the speech he gave yesterday. >> how many people are you seeing show up there? do you feel like it's turning into a nice size event? >> we don't really see anyone here at the moment, just some reporters. that isn't going to start for another hour and a half or so, but we do expect her to get a fairly good crowd. yesterday, we really only saw the employees of the two
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companies. it depends. we expect her to get a couple handfuls of people here. >> alex moe, we'll be watching you. thanks. let me turn to the mitt romney campaign. he's turning his attention to florida. the republican candidates square off on thursday in orlando. garrett hake is covering the romney campaign. you're here in new york before you head down south. mitt romney is coming back to new york in six days because he wants to pay homage to a tea party maker. >> this is the newest stop for republican candidates is to meet with the donald in new york city. michele bachmann did it. sarah palin did it, ate pizza. rick perry did it last week. romney, his campaign apparently requested a meeting a couple weeks ago. this is coming from the trump people. the romney campaign has not wanted to talk about this at
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all. he will be having dinner with donald trump. he gets to pick the restaurant but the donald will pick up the bill. >> you talked to trump's political adviser who was pretty cocky about trump's influence on the republican party primary. >> he basically told me that whoever trump decides to back is going to be the candidate. but oh, by the way, if he's not happy with any of these guys, he left the door open for trump to run as an independent, which would be terrible news for the republicans because either trump would win or obama would win. >> a few small events, miami town hall tomorrow, faith and freedom event on thursday before the debate and cpac on friday before romney skips town. >> mitt romney is spending more time in florida and arizona campaigning, not just raising money, than the state of iowa. >> it seems to be the case. we had one stop in iowa and this will be the second in florida in the last few weeks.
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>> i think it's something people ought to be taking notice of. rick perry is in new york city with a meeting with the israeli americans. he'll be blocks away from president obama. the second time the two have essentially crossed paths since perry announced his bid for the white house last month. so rick perry, his message this morning on israel will be what? give me a preview? >> perry is going to hit barack obama very hard during this event this morning in new york city. it's worth noting that this event was not on perry's original schedule. the campaign advised this press conference last speech fairly late yesterday afternoon. reporters were scrambling to get in place to cover it this morning. part of it is because perry was in town for fundraising events this new york. they have the peg with the union and the palestinian statehood. he's going to talk about the
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policy of apiecement in the middle east. the way the obama administration has treated israel has emboldined the palestinians to make these moves. >> he's going to bring up the arab spring. >> he said the president's foreign policy has been muddled. perry himself was coming under criticism for being muddled himself on foreign policy. some of his statements on military intervention and the way we should treat our alleys have been conflicting. it gives him a chance to hit the president on things close to republican primary voters' hearts. what he thinks should be done about the issue of palestinian stayedhoo statehood. >> the president did an event last night. he's doing another event tonight after he does a bunch of stuff during the day, but rick perry had a special guest at a fundraiser last night? >> that's true. >> uninvited guest, i guess.
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>> yes. they did an event yesterday with hispanic business leaders. this was not supposed to be a public event. it was not on the schedule. when word of it leaked out, charlie rangel decided to stop by to have a brief but cordial meeting with the governor. >> on the campaign, thanks very much. our little impromptu whip around this morning. we'll do more on that on "the daily rundown" as the campaign heats up. italy's market preview next. the budget battle lines. some experts are questioning whether the president's $3 trillion in savings are real. we'll talk to the budget director himself, jack lew about those critiques next. which countries' flags are first and last respectively in the display of u.n. member states' flags along first avenue in new york city.
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president obama isn't just modifying his message. take a look at the contrast from the grand bargain he tried to negotiate with the house speaker over the summer. no more talk of adjusting social security or raising the eligibility age for medicare. his push has jumped from $800 billion to 1.5 trillion. the words of white house communications director dan fifer, jack lew is the director of white house budget and management. it doesn't appear as if the plan
9:25 am
that was released yesterday is being seen as some sort of serious proposal to be compromised with congress. here's a "new york times" headline, obama confirms new hard stand for debt relief. no hard compromise. >> there's another article that goes through proposals the president put out yesterday that would mean reductions in medicare including med dare benefits. there are dozens of proposals in this plan which take on sacred cows from agriculture subsidies to military health benefits. if you look at the overall plan the president put out, it's tough balance, it's balanced but asking for spending cuts and tax increases. the president has democrats saying that a plan that includes benefit reductions is something that they're open to. on the other hand, we have republicans saying anything with taxes is off the table. i think there's room here for this gap to be closed. >> my question is why not, if
9:26 am
you were willing to have a plan that was markedly different from this one six weeks ago, what changed? >> if you look at six weeks ago, we were in negotiation. we were hoping we would be able to do something very big in the context of a very contentious political debate over the debt limit. when you go to bottom lines in negotiation, that's a very different context than when you put out your vision of what's the right balance. >> that's what we're looking at. this is the president's vision of what, in a perfect world, he would like to have but what he came close with agreeing to on boehner is his bottom line? is that the way to look at it? >> i wouldn't call this a perfect world. we inherited a world with a deep recession, deficit out of control because of tax cuts on spending on wars around prescription drugs that wasn't paid for. the president came in determined to do something about it. in a world of imperfect choices, the president made the tough choices to have a balanced, fair approach. i believe the solution to this will be much more like what the president put out than anything
9:27 am
the critics are pointing to. >> i guess to go back, is what he proposed with boehner, which you were in the room with, you and barry jackson, going through getting close to what you got to, is that the bottom line or is this the bottom line? >> i'm not going to negotiate bottom lines. yesterday what the president put out was a balanced approach, an approach that should lead us to serious deficit cut. the president said yesterday is that's not enough. we need to go farther. we need to do 3 trillion. on top of the $1 trillion we did over the summer. that would bring the debt as a percentage of the economy to the low 2%. we bring our debt as a percentage of the economy to the low 70s and put us in a place where the world would look at the united states and say where on a fiscally sustainable path. i think that's an important goal. something where the president laid out a balanced, fairway to get there. i hope we can engage in the kind
9:28 am
of communications across party lines to try to solve these parties. >> you're taking a different tone than dan fifer took. he says that's phase is over. >> he said we're not in negotiation right now. there's a joint committee that's organized. we offered that joint committee our view of the best way to do it. that joint committee is bipartisan. it has democrats and republicans on it. we offered our suggestions. i hope our suggestions help inform them on the path they're taking. >> so we have some real deadlines coming but when you see language like that phase is over. you saw mitch mcconnell, he said you guys weren't saking this seriously, that feels like campaign rhetoric. that feels like it's not september 2011, it feels like september 2012. there are real deadline facing out, the payroll tax cut expires essentially at the end of the year. the bush tax cuts expire at the end of 2012. it does seem that everybody has said we're not governing anymore.
9:29 am
>> the president last week spoke to a bipartisan session of congress and there was a broad sense that we need to do something about getting growth and jobs moving in this country. i am confident we will do something in that. the president said a plan, the congress should vote on it. that is in immediate need. we have this special committee with a deadline of november to finish its work and deal with the deficit reduction target. we also have at the other end the threat that if they fail, in january 2013, cults across the board go in effect, including cuts in domestic programs that nobody thinks is a good idea. i'm convinced between now and then we come together. it will be good for the markets if it's now. we're going to need a lot of work between now and january. >> you make an argument that doing nothing would safety government a lot of money. if congress did nothing and let the bush cuts expire, they did nothing on an amt fix, nothing
9:30 am
on the doc fix, nothing on the supercommittee, there's -- >> you put your finger on something that makes it complicated to do budgeting today. all of these things we can't afford, we pretend they go away but congress extends them again. we don't think it's right to raise taxes on middle class americans. we don't think it's right to have the reimbursement for medicare go to a level where doctors won't be able to get reimbursed properly. we need to step up and do our work. we put in a plan that wouldn't raise taxes as that expiration would on middle class americans. we don't need the tax cuts for people earning over $250,000. we have left room to do a doc fix so reimbursement will be proper. it's making tough choices. it's a tradeoff. the president laid out the right choices for the country. i want to ask you about the ron suskind book. you're sort of not a part of it since you came in after the
9:31 am
phase that he's reporting on. you were in many ways in a unique position at the state department to sort of watch all this. one portrayal is the president and the economic team was in over his head. the portrayal pushback is they didn't realize how deep the hole was. what say you? >> i have to tell you watching from the vantage point of the state department where i was worrying about things like afghanistan and iraq at the time, i saw an economy that every day was in more trouble than anyone thought it was the day before. i saw an administration that responded quickly, aggressively and effectively to prevent the unraveling of the economy and what could have been a depression. i think the story of those first two years is not at all reflected in what i've read in the newspapers about that book. >> fair enough. jack lew, director of office management and budget. we'll see you back in washington. >> good to see you in new york. the opening bell rang on
9:32 am
wall street. let's see andrew ross sorkin. italy, junk status. sounds like a devastating european driven day in the markets. >> i'm looking the futures, we're opening up much higher in fact. that comes despite junk status going from a plus to a. there is still a cloud overhanging europe. that story doesn't seem to be going away. another piece of bad news this morning though, new construction on homes down 5% are, month over month, year over year. it's down 5en %. that's a drag on the markets. at the moment, they seem to be shrugging it off. >> there you go, sometimes you think you can predict and you get your hand bitten off when you try. >> you never can. >> thank you andrew. "the daily rundown" is back in 30 seconds. carve elle says
9:33 am
someone needs to be fired. some are saying geithner is your guy. >> it is intriguing in all of the initial tell-alls coming out of the obama white house in one form or another, there is one consistent theme, geithner is it not portrayed well. >> things are not going well so the early -- everybody is looking at these very early decisions made in the first weeks and months and even before the administration. >> everyone is gone except geithner. >> he's left hoelg holding the bag in a certain way. >> what do you make of the white house, aggressive white house pushback on this book of suskind suskind's? >> you know this well, the white house convinced tim geithner to stay. they don't want upheaval in their economic team. they need him in place. they've been the guys that have been selling tim geithner on staying at the white house. so anything that's going to undermine his position there is
9:34 am
something that they are going to push back against. >> there seems to be also a protection they're trying to do of sort of the larger point of this book, errol, which paints a picture of a president and economic team that was either, at best, had no idea how bad it was or, at worst, in over their head. >> it seems as if the president is in over his head. they can't allow that to take hold with the electorate. the real target is not suskind itself but the republicans. they want it to be known they're tough and they'll respond. this a message from me to a message from the republicans running for president. >> shameless plug time. errol, we'll start with you. this is grading, a newspaper column anthology really fast. >> it's never been done before. the greatest newspaper klum columns. >> ever written. >> at the museum in washington. you're inviting. >> alex? >> if anybody wants to know what's really happening in the rick perry campaign, sasha eisenberg i book rick perry and his egg heads, download it now.
9:35 am
>> it's a fas nailting read. i agree. >> michele bachmann said she became a republican because -- was so deeply anti-american and it turned her around on liberal. it's true. she caused me to read it. it's a great book. >> how about that. my shameless plug is to fairfield university, the community last night was great host, fun event. fairfield stags, i promise you this. if you make the ncaa tournament, i will pick you. coming up next, chris jansing talks to jennifer granholm on her book and the state of the economy. then at 1:00 p.m., don't forget "andrea mitchell reports "ow.


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